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November 7, 2017

Minister of Culture: "Ilcic is an expert in culture. If we work together, he would have something to contribute"

Nina Obuljen-Koržinek visited Dnevnik Nove TV where he commented on the speculation that Ladislav Ilčić president of the Hrast party, could become her new adviser.

"I will inform the public when and if I appoint counselors ," the minister said.

She said had no pressure to name Ilcic for the preservation of the majority.

"No pressure, Oak is a coalition party with one MP in the Parliament. Ilcica long and well acquainted. He is an expert in the field of culture and art. He is a violinist and has his entire career in the field of culture. If we are in some form of co-operation, he will have what to contribute to the culture [...]

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November 7, 2017

Deputy Minister – The danger that Pharosana is spreading in another region is – how can we put limits on where to fly and where not

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Deputy Minister of Agriculture Revaz Asatiani does not rule out that the Asian Farosana will spread in the Kakheti region too.

As deputy minister told InterpressNews, despite the fact that the pest is hidden in the winter, the Ministry will continue to carry out all the measures to combat him.

"The danger is, of course, there. How can we write some restrictions on where to fly in the sky and where? There are risks, but I will tell you that we were divided into three parts of the fight against Pharosana. One thing to do is when the Pharosana is in the building, the second one – what should we [...]

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