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May 11, 2018

Google I/O recap

Google I/O, the Big G’s annual developer conference, crammed in a mind-boggling number of demos and announcements to show off advancements in everything that the tech behemoth touches. These are the changes that’ll you’ll use every day on your phone, your work and your home.

The most important updates come to Google Assistant, Android, Google Maps and AR.

Google Assistant adds lifelike voices

Google Assistant stole the show at I/O 2018. In addition to announcing a ton of useful features for its voice controlled digital helper, Google showed off Duplex. Holy crap, Duplex. If you haven’t seen it in action yet, please watch [...]

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May 11, 2018

Google may be working on three Wear OS watches, not just one

How many designs will Google’s next reported watches come in? Scott Stein/CNET

Google and Qualcomm are working on the next generation of smartwatches that should be arriving this fall. Additional details continue to arrive during this year’s Google developer conference. Google is expected to finally make its own watch (or watches) through its internal hardware division, according to the latest report from German tech site

The three watches, code-named Ling, Triton and Sardine, could be differently sized, like Apple’s 38mm and 42mm watches. One of the watches could have cellular, while the others don’t, much like the Apple Watch Series 3. [...]

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April 28, 2018

Google matches 100 percent of its power consumption with renewables

When you look at the number of datacenters the hyperscale companies are developing worldwide, it can be a little frightening from an energy usage standpoint, but Google announced today that it acquired enough renewable energy to match 100 percent of its power consumption in 2017. That’s good news, but it’s not as good as using 100 percent renewable energy.

The distinction is important. Think of this kind of purchase like a carbon offset. For every bit of polluting energy, they buy a corresponding bit of renewables. It’s not ideal, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Urz Hölzle, Google’s senior vice president for technical infrastructure announced the [...]

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March 27, 2018

Google Assistant, do more with Nest.

Since its debut last year, the Google Assistant has become more conversational, more helpful, and available on even more devices, including Nest. And over that time, we’ve been working closely with Google to create new ways to control your Nest products with the Google Assistant.

You can already ask your Assistant on Google Home to change the temperature on your Nest Thermostat. But that’s just the beginning. This winter, you’ll be able to talk to your Google Assistant right from your Nest Cam IQ indoor camera. And today, we’re announcing three new integrations between Google and Nest products that will be available soon to help make keeping your family safe and secure [...]

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