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October 18, 2017

I Am Not a Witch director on the modern persecution of witches in Zambia and Ghana

“I visited witch camps in Zambia and Ghana,” says I Am Not a Witch director Rungano Nyoni. “They are very disorganised and sparse and run by different chiefs.” 

It sounds like something out of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible or Shakespeare’s Macbeth but is a story told in the present. A witch camp is a settlement that gives refuge to women accused of being witches. They are most prevalent in Ghana where the government has announced an initiative to close witch camps and teach the populations that witches do not in fact exist. 

“There is nothing extraordinary about witch camps,” says Nyoni. “They are like normal villages, but populated by older women. They have the women [...]

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October 15, 2017

Bjork claims she was sexually harassed by director

'My humiliation and role as a lesser sexually harassed being was the norm and set in stone with the director and a staff of dozens who enabled it and encouraged it,' claims Icelandic musician

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