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RollerSafe – the world’s first rollers with electronic disc brakes

RollerSafe – the world’s first rollers with electronic disc brakes

by adminJanuary 22, 2018


RollerSafe AS develops the world’s first single-row roller skates with built-in electronic disc brakes. The brake mechanism is controlled by a wireless controller, which is hidden in the shield that covers the rider’s hand.

The RS Smart Brake technology developed and patented by the company allows you to safely control the speed of rollers and skateboards in any situation. Its braking system can be adjusted to a specific user (its weight, ride technique and other parameters) using a mobile application.

RS Smart Brake is already available on the market – it is used in a series of commercial roller skis. The technology has won several awards in design and innovation and has attracted the attention of professional skaters around the world.

The fate of the user’s index finger of the rollers in this illustration from RollerSafe is not entirely understandable

Now the company has entered the Kickstarter platform to raise funds for adapting technology to single-row rollers. In the finished form, the system will be a chassis with fasteners for any roller shoes and a set of hydraulic brakes. The brakes will be integrated into the platform and will be able to regulate the speed, directly affecting the rim of the rear wheel. Their pumps will run on batteries, and the controller for control will be in the rider’s wrist shield.

The project is at the stage of creating a prototype. Its timeframe will depend on the success of the financial campaign at Kickstarter. In the meantime, with the technology of future videos, you can get acquainted with the example of existing roller skis from RollerSafe AS.

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